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Men's League Stats and Schedules

Group A - 6:45pm start

Medic Alert (TM 1)
Moose Knuckles (TM 2)
Gabe and the Boys (TM 3)
Ridin' the Rhubarb (TM 4)
Put it on Mike's Tab (TM 5)

Group B - 6:45pm start

Ye Olde Bake Shoppe (TM 6)
Where's Rusty (TM 7)
We Still Don't Know (TM 8)
The Fuds (TM 9)
Double Double (TM 10)

DateLanes 1/2Lanes 3/4Lanes 5/6Lanes 7/8Lanes 9/10
Sept 8TM 1TM 2TM 3TM 4TM 5
Sept 15TM 10TM 9TM 6TM 7TM 8
Sept 22TM 3TM 1TM 2TM 5TM 4
Sept 29TM 7TM 6TM 9TM 8TM 10
Oct 6TM 1TM 5TM 3TM 4TM 2
Oct 13TM 8TM 7TM 9TM 10TM 6
Oct 20TM 5TM 1TM 2TM 3TM 4
Oct 27TM 6TM 9TM 10TM 8TM 7
Nov 3TM 3TM 2TM 4TM 5TM 1
Nov 10TM 7TM 8TM 10TM 6TM 9
Nov 17TM 4TM 3TM 5TM 2TM 1
Nov 24TM 6TM 8TM 7TM 9TM 10
Dec 1TM 5TM 2TM 4TM 1TM 3
Dec 8TM 6TM 9TM 10TM 8TM 7
Dec 15TM 3TM 1TM 2TM 4TM 5
Dec 22TM 10TM 9TM 6TM 7TM 8
Dec 29TM 2TM 1TM 4TM 3TM 5
Jan 5TM 8TM 10TM 7TM 6TM 9
Jan 12TM 4TM 2TM 1TM 5TM 3
Jan 19TM 6TM 8TM 9TM 7TM 10
Jan 26TM 5TM 1TM 2TM 3TM 4
Feb 2TM 7TM 8TM 10TM 9TM 6
Feb 9TM 3TM 4TM 1TM 2TM 5
Feb 16TM 8TM 10TM 7TM 6TM 9
Feb 23TM 4TM 2TM 1TM 5TM 3
March 2TM 6TM 8TM 7TM 9TM 10
March 9TM 3TM 4TM 5TM 1TM 2
March 16TM 7TM 6TM 9TM 10TM 8
March 23TM 5TM 3TM 1TM 2TM 4
March 30TM 9TM 7TM 10TM 8TM 6
April 6TM 1TM 2TM 3TM 4TM 5
April 13TM 10TM 9TM 6TM 7TM 8

House Rules

  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed to be worn past shoe rack. No exceptions.
  • Outside food or beverage are not permitted inside establishment other than cake and cupcakes for birthdays
    (Some exceptions for allergies. Please Call before bringing in food. We may have alternatives)
  • No outside liquor allowed. If found liquor will be confiscated and not returned. Patrons may be asked to leave without refund
  • Personal backpacks and dufflebags are not permitted at lanes.
  • Vaporizors are not allowed to be used inside premises.
  • Only 6 people are allowed to bowl on a lane. Groups of 7 or more will need additional lanes, no exceptions.

Locker Rentals Available For $2 Per Locker

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